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     Tufmetal II is a chrome carbide martensitic white iron. It is commonly referred to as 25% chrome iron, 28% chrome iron, or chrome carbide. All are the same alloy made to ASTM A532 Class III Type A.

     Tufmetal II is used in applications of extreme sliding or gouging abrasion with moderate impact. It is used extensively in most process industries including mining, sand and gravel, asphalt, and cement. It has also found wide acceptance and success in the agricultural industry when used to protect ground engaging tools and equipment.


1.  Wear life of Tufmetal II is up to 15 times greater than conventional tillage steels and 5 times more the wear life of hard faced tools.

2.  Tufmetal II castings can be welded in place using standard welding equipment, welding rods, and wire. See welding recommendations on page 15.

3.  Tufmtal II is corrosion resistant and will not corrode like mild steel. It does not have to be protected from rain or snow by painting,

     Tufmetal II tillage tools have proved to bethe most economical tools afarmer can use today. The proper application of our superior products can greatly increase the wear life of engaging tools and help reduce the farmer’s operating costs.

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