Abrasion Resistant Cast Iron Castings – ASTM A-532

Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron Castings – Pacific Alloy Casting, Los Angeles

Specification for Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron – ASTM A532

Abrasion-resistant white cast irons have been alloyed to secure high resistance to abrasive wear.

Abrasion-resistant irons can be classified into five groups but the majority of castings used today are in two groups. One is the nickel containing alloys, known as Ni-Hard. Ni-Hard has been an industry standard for abrasion-resistance for over 60 years. The second white iron group contains high levels of chrome and is commonly referred to as Hi-Chrome iron. When toughness, abrasion-resistance and possibly corrosion resistance are required, the Hi-Chrome group of white irons is superior to Ni-Hard.

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