About Us

The history of our family owned foundry began in 1880, in Portland Oregon. Five generations ago, the Leach family operated a small grey iron foundry making very simple castings. The second generation moved the foundry to Los Angeles during the depression and began to produce abrasion resistant castings for the mining and cement industries in addition to grey iron castings.

Partnering with the International Nickel Company in 1952, we began the first foundry West of the Mississippi River to produce Ni-Hard iron, at the time, the best iron for abrasion resistant applications for most process industries that reduced ore to useable products.

We have grown substantially since then, adding many alloys and installing the latest foundry processes and technology to service our customers across the US and export from the nearby Los Angeles harbor. We provide a wide variety of specialty castings from ounces to 5 tons, short or long run. Pacific Alloy is your single source for top quality castings, providing casting design assistance, patterns and tooling, heat treating and annealing, hydrotesting, machining, and painting.