About Us

Company History

Pacific Alloy Casting Co. Inc. was established in 1937 by brothers George and Winfield Leach in what is now the City of Vernon, California. Originally, it was named Pacific Ball Manufacturing Co. In 1940, the foundry moved to its present, six-acre site in South Gate near Los Angeles.

Pacific Ball produced abrasion-resistant grinding balls and ball mill liners for the mining industry.

Pacific Ball partnered with International Nickel Co. in 1950 to become the first licensed producer in the west of Ni-Hard, a cast iron known for its abrasion-resistant properties. As the foundry grew, we expanded our production facility to provide an increasing assortment of alloys and products to fill our customer’s needs.

Today, Pacific Alloy is a 65,000-sq. ft., state-of-the-art foundry using the most advanced technology. We cast abrasion-, corrosion- and heat-resistant iron and steel castings, as well as gray and ductile irons used for common industrial castings.

Throughout our history, we have been recognized for casting top quality castings. Pacific Alloy provides a single source for casting design assistance, pattern construction, casting production and finish machining. Our flexible manufacturing facilities provide the ability to produce short- or long-run requirements and castings ranging in size from ounces to 12,000 pounds.

If you need high-quality cast iron and cast steel products, call us at 562-928-1387 or email sales@pacificalloy.com