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James Leach

Owner & President

    As Pacific Alloy is a family-owned business, James is the 4th  generation owner and president. James has worked in the industry for more than 50 years, building Pacific Alloy from 25 employees to over 75. He continues to grow the business and be heavily involved to ensure the success of the business.


Shelby Leach

Director of Operations

Shelby Leach is the 5th generation co-owner and Director of Operations for Pacific Alloy Casting, which has been family-owned since its inception in 1937. As Director of Operations, Shelby leads both the company’s strategic vision and day-to-day operations. She is responsible for directly overseeing and training its 90+ employees, developing and managing new and existing client partnerships, supervising large-scale manufacturing projects, ensuring conformity to safety and legal regulations and streamlining business and internal operations to ensure they run efficiently and effectively. She s a long-time South Bay resident who currently serves on the Board of Directors of the American Foundry Society of Southern California. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University San Marcos. In her spare time, Shelby runs an animal rescue (Paws of Redemption) dedicated to helping senior animals and also serves as co-owner of a popular online fashion platform.


Drew McFadyen

Director of Sales

As Director of Sales at Pacific Alloy Casting, Drew McFadyen manages and oversees the entirety of the company’s sales operations, including identifying and meeting sales targets, developing and implementing marketing and sales strategies and building and maintaining customer relationships. His philosophy is that Pacific Alloy's "customers employ us, so their continued success is our success." In addition to being an avid guitar player in his spare time, Drew spent several years as an audio engineer for some of Hollywood’s top studios. He earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh and is excited for what the future of Pacific Alloy holds.


Justin Rodriguez

Sales Representative

As a Sales Representative at Pacific Alloy Casting, Justin Rodriguez works directly with customers to meet their needs at point of sale. With an extensive background in sales and customer service, Justin is an expert in making sure that the appropriate inventory always reaches the right customer’s hands. In addition to managing existing client relations and ensuring customer satisfaction, he also identifies, establishes and develops new sales opportunities. In his spare time, Justin loves to spend time with his family and newborn son, Santiago.


Mark Regus

Vice President

Mark has worked at Pacific Alloy for 43 years. His career in the foundry started after earning a degree in business from CSUF. His duties include supporting all areas of production, office, and sales. He has served on the board of the American Foundry Society at the national level and has been president of the local chapter.

Matthew Canedo

Sales Manager

Having worked at Pacific Alloy for 10 years, Matthew has acquired extensive knowledge in the casting industry. With a bachelor’s degree in business from CSUF, he manages the sales department with a strong business sense and industry expertise. Matthew is also an active American Foundry Society board member.


Graham Jones

Foundry Engineer and Metallurgist

With an honor’s degree in metallurgy and mechanical engineering, and over 40 years of foundry experience, Graham is an expert in the field. He strives for continuous improvement by managing all foundry operations, product development, tooling design and modifications, corrective actions, and our technical customer liaison regarding machining, dimensions, scrap, metallurgy, and foundry education. When not at work, Graham enjoys cruise ships and spending time with his grandchildren.


Stephen Mingey

Foundry Engineer and Metallurgist

Stephen has a passion for metallurgy and the foundry industry. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Material Science Engineering and has previous foundry experience working in New York and Pennsylvania. In his free time, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family, friends and dog.


Luis Anguiano

Maintenance Manager

Before becoming Maintenance Manager, Luis joined the Pacific Alloy Casting team at the age of 18 as a pourer in the Melting department. He is a Southern California Institute of Technology graduate with a General Electric diploma. In his free time, Luis enjoys spending quality time with his family.


Luis Meillon-Pelayo

Safety and Human Resources Director

As Pacific Alloy Casting’s Safety and Human Resources Director, Luis Meillon-Pelayo oversees the development, implementation and management of the company’s health and workplace safety policies and procedures. In addition to ensuring compliance with federal, state and local regulations, Luis works directly with management to recruit, onboard, train and assess employees. He is well-suited to do so, with a keen sense of workplace dynamics and strong employee relationships due to his background in Customer Service and Sales. In his spare time, Luis enjoys spending time with his family and attending sporting events and concerts (especially to see the Dodgers or The Killers) with his wife.


Rachel Mendoza

Purchasing Manager & Administrative Assistant

With a strong background in logistics and supply chain management, Rachel makes all efforts to keep our expenses low by managing our vendors, sourcing equipment, purchasing materials and supplies, and scheduling services with optimal prices and lead times. Outside of work, Rachel loves spending time with her two dogs and cooking Italian cuisine.


Hayley Salazar

Shipping Manager

Hayley manages timely and accurate shipping and delivery. Dedicated to punctuality and accuracy, she manages orders from preparation to shipment through sourcing the best freight rates and lines, ensuring quality packaging, and providing on time and complete orders. Hayley also manages all invoicing to customers. Hayley is a complete animal lover as well as a music major, singing in choir for 15 years.