Our Team

Meet the people behind Pacific Alloy

Dedicated to quality, innovation, diligence, and teamwork

James Leach

Owner & President

    James is the 4th generation owner of Pacific Alloy. As President for over 40 years, James Leach has transitioned the foundry from a simple grey iron foundry with molding sand shoveled off the floor to a modern, highly mechanized foundry employing the newest generation of foundry equipment. James has successfully grown a thriving business, even throughout a very challenging period for American foundries. When not at work, James enjoys relaxing in Palm Desert and playing golf.


Mark Regus

Vice President

Mark has worked at Pacific Alloy for 45 years. His career in the foundry started after earning a degree in business from California State University, Fullerton. His duties include supporting all areas of production, office, and sales. He has served on the board of the American Foundry Society at the national level and has been president of the local chapter. Outside of work, Mark enjoys playing golf and spending time with his grand children.


Shelby Leach

Director of Operations & People

After graduating from California State University, San Marcos with a bachelor’s degree in communication, Shelby joined the family business. Shelby strives to continuously increase productivity by managing operational activities, improvement and new construction projects, and scheduling production. She also manages employee training and development, and our conformity to legal regulations. When not at work, Shelby enjoys running a dog and cat rescue with her sister, Shaland, and horseback riding.


Shaland Leach

Account and Sales Director

Before joining the family business, Shaland earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Southern California. Shaland focuses on account development and expansion by managing client relationships and customer service. She also helps us remain competitive by directing sales and marketing projects. Outside of work, Shaland enjoys running a dog and cat rescue with her sister, Shelby, and all outdoor sports.


Hayley Salazar

Shipping Manager

Hayley manages timely and accurate shipping and delivery. Dedicated to punctuality and accuracy, she manages orders from preparation to shipment through sourcing the best freight rates and lines, ensuring quality packaging, and providing on time and complete orders. Hayley also manages all invoicing to customers. Hayley is a complete animal lover as well as a music major, singing in choir for 15 years.


Rachel Mendoza

Purchasing Manager

With a strong background in logistics and supply chain management, Rachel makes all efforts to keep our expenses low by managing our vendors, sourcing equipment, purchasing materials and supplies, and scheduling services with optimal prices and lead times. Outside of work, Rachel loves spending time with her two dogs and cooking Italian cuisine.



Accounts Payable & Payroll Administrator

Angelica earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting from California State University, Los Angeles. Angelica manages all payroll and accounts payable activities, processing invoices, and issuing payments. Outside of work, Angelica enjoys spending time with her family exploring nature, hiking, road trips, and fitness.


Graham Jones

Foundry Engineer and Metallurgist

With an honor’s degree in metallurgy and mechanical engineering, and over 40 years of foundry experience, Graham is an expert in the field. He strives for continuous improvement by managing all foundry operations, product development, tooling design and modifications, corrective actions, and our technical customer liaison regarding machining, dimensions, scrap, metallurgy, and foundry education. When not at work, Graham enjoys cruise ships and spending time with his grandchildren.


Ricardo Guevara

Process Supervisor & Safety Director

Ricardo promotes constant improvement of foundry processes and our work environment. He oversees production worker’s efficiency of department operations and safety training. When not at work, Ricardo enjoys exercising and drawing animated characters.