Metal & Alloy Guide

We are proud to offer castings in a wide range of metals and alloys. If you have any questions about the mechanical properties and characteristics of these metals and alloys feel free to give us a call at 562-928-1387 and we will do our best to accommodate your casting needs.

Hi-Chrome Iron

  • Specs: ASTM A532-82
  • Use: Used for crude oil extraction, mining, agriculture, road building cement, asphalt, impact crushers, blow bars, sand and gravel
  • Capacity: From ounces to 8 tons


  • Specs: ASTM A-532
  • Use: Used for asphalt, cement, concrete, rock, brick, sand and gravel industries.
  • Capacity: From ounces to 8 tons

Gray Iron

  • Specs: ASTM A-48, ASTM A-436
  • Use: Used for oil, water, mining, fitness equipment and other manufacturing industries
  • Capacity: From ounces to 8 tons

Ductile Iron

  • Specs: ASTM A-536, ASTM A-439 & ASTM A-897
  • Use: Used for mining, propane, agriculture, wastewater, construction and agriculture
  • Capacity: From ounces to 8 tons


Custom Alloys

  • Specs: Ferrous alloys
  • Use: Used for fitness equipment, cooking pans and various other projects.
  • Capacity: From ounces to tons depending on the volume