Pacific Alloy going green?

Pacific Alloy going green?

It is difficult for a foundry to be “Green” because we use so much electricity but we do try our best to use power efficiently. As part of our efforts to reduce our “Carbon Footprint”, we are partnering with Power It Solutions and Southern California Edison to upgrade our electrical management controls with the newest generation of demand balancing equipment from Power It Solutions. Their system monitors and balances all large electric motors and electric melting furnaces for optimum production to reduce electrical demand peaks without curtailing production.

Power It Solutions describes the system this way: Spara EMS® gives users the precision control to significantly reduce energy costs without compromising operations. We captured the experience of hundreds of energy curtailment and control applications and packaged it into Embedded Operator Intelligence™, a potentially infinite number of user-selected rules that together become part of a synchronized energy management strategy that can be adjusted on-the-fly. Spara EMS carefully orchestrates all connected loads and makes continuous adjustments to maximize efficiencies while protecting operations through strict adherence to the pre-set rules.

Spara Price Response™ allows users to benefit from real-time and day-ahead pricing rates by automatically adjusting power usage based on the price of electricity. Using Spara’s embedded pricing configurations users define different curtailment strategies to be implemented when the price reaches specific thresholds. When prices are low the user may opt for no or minimal reduction of loads, or perhaps even increase operations to take advantage of cheaper energy. However, as prices rise curtailment may become more aggressive.

March 2012

Pacific Alloy Casting Company Celebrates 132 Years in Business

Pacific Alloy Casting Company and the Leach family will mark 132 years of foundry operation and ownership on March 17, 2012. Patrick Leach started the first Leach family foundry in Portland Oregon on this day in 1880. (more)

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